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Welcome to the 24/7 Home Care, LLC.
Our goal is to continuously provide high quality home health care services. To attain this goal, we employed the services of a licensed medical doctor to monitor our quality assurance program and recommend ways that we can improve productivity.

24/7 Home Care, LLC was founded by an ex-Army officer with the purpose of providing excellent services to homebound patients – especially to dependents of men and women in uniform, retirees, and separated military personnel.

To meet today’s healthcare innovations and comply fully with HIPAA requirements, we created this interactive website with the intentions of it being beneficial to patients, physicians, employees, subcontractors and vendors.

* Physicians will be able to refer patients to us by clicking on the physician portal. Most importantly, physicians will be compensated for their plan oversight.

* Patients will be able to give their physicians and 24/7 Home Care feedback on the services received by clicking on the patient’s portal. Patient’s feedback will help us to improve our service.

* Applicants will be able to seek job opportunity by clicking on the job opportunity portal. Submission of application through our website will expedite hiring process.

24/7 Home Care, LLC will be an extension of the hospitals, clinics and physicians. All primary care physicians (PCP) will have direct access to their patients’ medical records.

Again, we welcome you to the 24/7 Home Care, LLC. website. We would like to hear from you, therefore please contact us at your earliest convenience.
14205 Burnet Road, Suite 510 Austin, Texas 78728 Phone: 210.822.0238 | Fax: 210.826.9092
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